Terms & Conditions Liat flowers



      All the buyer on the website or by telephone and / or any other form declare that they have read the regulations and agree to its conditions.

Booking center hours are:

                 Sunday - Thursday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

                  Fridays and holiday eves                           8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Products will reach their destination until 5 hours after the order is confirmed by the booking center in case of local delivery .In the case of remote area the products will be delivered during the day.

Fridays and holiday eves can not commit to the time of arrival. Shipments will be delivered during the day.

    All orders and / or messages will be accepted until 18:00 (local time) will be treated the same day.

   All orders and / or messages will be accepted after 18:00 (local time) are processed the next business day.

Policy Services and Prices:


Product photos of Flower Bouquets always represent the medium size

    Case where an order to purchase bouquets and flower arrangements displayed on the site missing, the company will deliver a similar product, as much as possible the colors and / or type of product that commissioned the original invitation.

     The company is permitted to send the buyer an e-mail and turn them in writing or verbally any information regarding the Company`s  operations, innovations advertisements and commercial enterprises, unless the buyer shall notify in writing that he does not want it to

Cancellation policy:

     Every buyer who wishes to cancel the purchase shall so notify by E-MAIL.  

        If the cancellation notification was received before the product launched by the company, canceled the order and credit card will be credited the purchase amount. But if the cancellation announcement was made after the product launched by the Company and / or on its behalf, will not be possible to cancel the purchase the buyer will be charged the full purchase price.

     If and when it is decided to cancel an order, the buyer will apply to order cancellation fee only 15 USD postage.

Limitation of Liability  :


        "Liat flowers" that aims to products offered by it will be on high quality and worthy of use. Emphasis is placed on the high quality of flowers, ornamental plants, bouquets and flower arrangements.

   Sole responsibility for all products that are not flowers, ornamental plants, bouquets and flower arrangements and any information or representations made regarding the nature and site products, including names of manufacturers, product quality, product features, images, products, etc., apply to manufacturers and / or importers and / or authorized resellers of the products, the - according to consumer protection laws and regulations in accordance with the terms of warranty and service attached to each product / service, if attached.

   Images on this website are for illustration purposes only. It should be emphasized that in light of the fact that the images are presented on a computer screen or printed by computer, there may be differences and changes between picture and mirror product reality.

   In any event Liability Company, under any legal grounds whatsoever, for products mentioned in this section shall not exceed beyond the height of the actual price paid for the product / service ordered by the buyer.

"Liat flowers" reserves the right to periodically change the terms of policies, and change the range of services and prices offered, and any other detail contained on the Site, including closure and / or cancellation and / or reducing and / or expansion of services which, according sole discretion of the Company and / or site operators.

1USD =3.85 NIS